Spore Finance is an Emerging Markets Private Equity Firm with a focus on fast-growing markets in the Western Balkans and Africa. We bring our network of relationships, capital and expertise to our portfolio companies, facilitating their faster growth and increased profitability. We invest to create fast growth and long-term value through strategic acquisitions.

Our experts bring close personal relationships and an in-depth understanding of emerging markets to every deal. Experienced in frontier markets and focused on detailed due diligence, they are our well-rounded leaders who ensure the most likely long-terms success. Together, we make for a better way in the private equity business.

At times of apparently inevitable global recession, market crisis and energy crisis, few frontier emerging markets stand very strong chances to remain unimpacted by the global crisis, as they have been during and after the 2008 global financial crisis. The relationships we have cultivated over the last two decades have put Spore in the ideal position to leverage the opportunities presented by emerging markets.

Our Founder

Senton Kaçaniku
Senton Kaçaniku, born on September 17, 1988, in Mitrovica, Kosovo, is a prominent Albanian businessman and advisor. He is the CEO of Spore Finance, Inc., a private equity firm specializing in emerging markets in the Western Balkans and Africa. With a background in international commercial law from the University of Salford, Kaçaniku brings extensive expertise and a strategic vision to his ventures.

Starting his career at British American Tobacco (BAT) and later at Nestlé, Kaçaniku gained valuable insights and honed his skills in international business. His journey led him to establish and lead Spore Finance, where he leverages his network, capital, and expertise to drive the growth and profitability of portfolio companies.

Kaçaniku is also a respected member of the Forbes Business Council and serves as an Executive Advisor at BWA Deutschland. His contributions extend to roles such as Senior Vice President for Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Multiband Global, where he has been a regular speaker at significant economic forums, discussing critical topics like 5G technology and economic development.

In addition to his professional achievements, Kaçaniku is dedicated to philanthropy and community engagement, having served as CEO of CSR Kosovo and leading various initiatives aimed at fostering social responsibility in business. He is a recognized thought leader, frequently featured in media and publications for his insights on entrepreneurship, democracy, and human rights.